Are you thinking about building a new garage or shop on your property?  Adding an attached or detached garage to your home has many advantages: the obvious is for housing your vehicles out of the elements and for safety, some are to increase storage space and yet others to possibly create a additional living space above.  Depending on the size of your property and the zoning you have there are generally two types of shops or garages we can build for you.  Both will require a foundation, electrical and plumbing if you want it.  In addition, adding garage space will increase your property’s resale value overall.

Detached Shops and Garages

A detached shop or garage is an outbuilding.  It’s not attached to your home in any way.  It may have its own power supply on a separate metering system and can have its own plumbing too.  If you want to build a large 2 or 3 car garage and you have the available property space, then the detached option is probably best for you.

Attached Shops and Garages

An attached shop or garage would be built onto your existing home and simply blend into the home’s construction.  It will look like it was built with the home from the outset.  Attached shops and garages can accommodate a smaller property area.